Faith Neslson goes to jail, BoobsRealm at the AVNs, Angela White and Lucy Wilde together?

Faith Neslson goes to jail, BoobsRealm at the AVNs, Angela White and Lucy Wilde together?

Do you remember Faith Nelson? Yes, that one, the blonde bombshell with humongous juggs. She disappeared after her website to only do some glamour model under the name Denisse Bell. Faith, real name Lisa Bell, made the news this week when she was convicted, along her mother and other ladies, for scamming a 91-year-old Parkinson sufferer out of £500k.

The former Faith Nelson claimed that the money she has been gathered by running her own porn site -which has not been updated in a long time, as far as I know-. The former pornstar and her matter managed to scam Audrey Hammond. For more info check here.

If you wanted to know how Faith looks like… she is here at 30 years old

Faith-Nelson-jail-2015 visited the AE expo. I had a good time, but also a bad time. I will post in a few hours a story of my adventures and misadventures. I went to do video interviews but many things went horribly wrong. Some were under my control, whereas others where a sum of unfortunate events. Anyways, stay tuned for some great news and interview!!!!

Speaking of news, Angela White was one of the girls I was able interview. won the Adult site of the year in the performer category. Congratulations to Angela!! well, the breaking news is that she stated that for this 2015 she is looking forward to shoot with the top busty European girls. Yes, now we need that the powers that be agree on this so we see Angela White shooting with Lucie Wilde, Sensual Jane and Katerina Hartlova….. Viola Baileys, don’t you wanna come back???





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