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Viola Bailey hardcore rumors and pornstar path

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  1. Gringoe says:

    Man, let me tell you something from the American perspective. Porn in the United States is becoming concentrated in the hands of few producers. Main thing is, as prostitution is illegal in most of the US States, porn actresses find out very soon they make more money doing escorting on the side, than shooting porn. Essentially, a girl will make like 2000 thousand bucks for a day of work if she is a top porn star. That means a DAY OF WORK, like 12 to 15 hours of shooting straight, many takes, cuts and so forth, so on. As an escort, she can make like 5000 bucks A HOUR. So, that is the reason why you see many young pornstars leaving the industry now. They actually take the industry as a starting point for their escorting careers, then, after they get that escort career going, and they have a select group of loyal johns they just drop from the public escort world altogether. Those loyal johns will keep paying the rates they charge, or even better, give them more than they charge, on the way of paid housing, cars, bling, travel, clothes, and even salaries paid by those johns companies. Some latina pornstars here in the US that left the industry since 2012 went that way. Just do your math with some Florida latinas, and some California latinas that worked for top American studios and you will know who I am talking about. I know that because I know guys that are part of those exclusive “johns’ clubs”, and they showed me pictures of those girls.
    So, I know in Europe is different. But there is no way for a girl to become rich as a pornstar only in the US, as Jenna Jameson did. Not anymore. Now, the sure way to become rich is using their pornstar careers as a starting point and a way to market their escort careers.

    1. ravenazrael says:

      I know some pornstars escort, but it is not the same as being an adult performer.I know the names of the ones that escort, but escorting is not something I would say a pornstar has to do to be a star. Being an escort is not an easy step for any girl. Many have to to do it as a result of getting paid low wages for porn.

      You are right. Some people pay lots of money. They are fucking a name, more than a girl. However, that 5k figure is just something that just a few charge. Most of the pornstars that do escort are way below 1k. Escorting is a riskier business. The girls are not putting just themselves in risk, but also other performers. Results on test get detected after 6 months, so the girls who even swallow while escorting or perform other stuff are being irresponsible.

  2. Anno Nymous says:

    P.Woodman has published some uncensored pics in his blog. She *did* blow all three of the guys 🙂

    1. ravenazrael says:

      Yes. my sources were right!

  3. totti says:

    how did she turned like that from a respectable faithful angel to woodman mistress licking his ass and drinking his cum forcebily and insulting her boyfriend the way she did in the last scene? is she still really with her boyfriend or pretend to be with him?

    1. ravenazrael says:

      She is always respectable. I am not sure what terms were, but she likes Woodman.
      I have been away from the blog as I have been busy, but I promise to watch the scene soon and comment.

      1. totti says:

        thank you for your reply, hope to read your comments on the video and her transformation soon

  4. totti says:

    why you didn’t publish my comment?
    do you still have respect for her?

    1. ravenazrael says:

      I have respect for all the girls. I usually approve comments on my computer..

  5. Otho says:

    Well, the look on her bf’s face was obvious enough. This couple has entered a rough business and now they experienced how hard it really is. Fingers crossed for them that it won’t ruin their personal life. Personally, I like Viola’s appearance that much that I really wouldn’t mind if she decided to stay away from hardcore (except with her bf) after this experience. Viola’s solo & lesbo vids/photoshoots are amzing, too, and I find her far more prettier than f.i. Lucie Wilde, despite the latter’s spectacular boobs. Let’s just hope she stays around for a long long time!

    1. ravenazrael says:

      I am a huge Lucie Wilde… I havent watched the scene yet. I have been away from porn for almost 2 weeks in a row…gonna watch it this weekend…
      My prediction is that Woodman will marry Viola in 2015

      1. Otho says:

        I was being too harsh towards our busty Buffy. I love Lucie, too (just wanted to make that clear). It’s just that I find Viola …. (no words, deep sigh). Anyway, ravenazrael, if your prediction will come true and Pierre will marry Viola next year, then there’s no other option for us but to travel Woodmanwards with a bunch of Viola fans and try to release her, with the help of our True Love instead of just lust & un portefeuille rempli avec de l’argent. [wink]
        Apart from all this romantic blabbering, Viola is a grown up woman and she has to decide for herself. When love comes to France, we have to accept that.

  6. Otho says:

    Hm, it seems that Pierre Woodman is gaining ‘ground’: “Fin decembre Viola et David Perry pour une nouvelle Area 69” (quote PW from Viola’s thread on PW’s site).

    1. ravenazrael says:

      He has enough material with her for 2015

      1. Boobfan says:

        Based on the rate he releases his scenes all he needs is 6 for a year. That’s another reason why his site sucks!

        1. ravenazrael says:

          LOl he will release more in January

  7. Boobfan says:

    Viola and Woodman have a strange relationship for sure. I am not jealous of Woodman at all for his relationship with Viola. But the fact that she has gone to the low extremes of having sex with him makes no sense. True Beauty and the Beast! Viola’s boyfriend said in the Woodman interview that one of Viola’s problems is that she makes bad decisions. No doubt this is one! Woodman is going to use her for his own enjoyment and financial gain. While Viola could be a huge star and would be the most in demand girl, but she has decided to be Woodman’s puppet and pin cushion. Why Viola doesn’t want the success and financial gain for doing “dirty” sex acts with such old and unattractive men will always have me confused and sad. But if she’s happy with her decision I don’t have any right to tell her what to do, but I really think she’ll look back and say I should have shot for the big companies.
    As disgusting as is may seem, there is an awkward and odd feeling that there is a relationship with Woodman and Viola..SMH???

  8. Boobfan says:

    It’s a shame all she said in her interview with you were bold face lies. It’s funny if you were to just reverse what she said it would be 100% accurate. She likes guys who fuck 100’s of girls, It’s Not Humiliating being fucked by guys, and Viola is a DIRTY, DIRTY Girl.(Ass Licking, gagging on Woodman’s disgusting cum and more with Woodman)
    That is humiliating, dirty and truthfully painful to watch! Viola is gorgeous and all, but Viola, Woodman and her agent have no clue on how to promote her. She is NEVER going to be a star, and even though she said on twitter many times that she wanted to be a star, she’s going about it all wrong and just simply appears to be strictly Woodmans girl/puppet/robot. But based on how Woodman is in love with Viola that he’s probably paying her rent, and paying her extreme amounts of money so she will only be his girl!

  9. ravenazrael says:

    Well, I posted on the news and rumors that she did hardcore with Woodman in her casting. I also said she was doing stuff with other guys for Woodman. Was not 100% accurate, but the idea was right. We should not bash Woodman. In the end, it is her choice. She is not the first that fucks Woodman, so whatever we think is not that important. Let’s enjoy the scenes and if we do not like them, let’s express our opinions to Woodman, but always focusing on making a point instead of just saying something is wrong because Woodman is this or that.

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