Chaturbate models watch out for this scam

It has been reported that some Chaturbate models have been scammed by a fan who pretends to ask for their e-mails and then sends them a link that says that they are receiving a gift.  The model clicks on the link and she gets her username and password stolen.

Girls on chaturbate or any other camsite, check well before you click on a link – be more cautious if it is a gift or tons of tokens waiting for you-.

Share this to other camgirls. Beware that this is a scam strategy that can be used not only on camsites but on any other kind of site.  Please realize that Chaturbate WhiteLabels always show the Chaturbate complete name. Check HERE for a good example of legit whitelabel:

This is the scam site url. Do not fall in the trap

Scammer tips and asks for e-mails



Scammer sends e-mail with a link in it


Model clicks on fake link

Scammer sells girls tokens



Always take a look at the links you receive and place your mouse on the links before clicking on them to see the real url.

Now, thanks for reading.. please enjoy a busty camgirl Jenna Justice 


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