Help find Marina Visconti, she is missing

UPDATE: Marina Visconti has communicated with a fellow pornstar who has confirmed she is fine. However, she has not given details of what is she up to or where exactly in LA. Thank you everybody for your support. A lot of people where worried about her whereabouts and that is why I decided to post about her status. Now I can say she is ok. I recommend any girl to let their friends and family know her whereabouts as pornstars are exposed to dangers and even more if they are 19 years old in a foreign country.

This is her last social media picture with Ariana Grand (@ArianaGrand_XXX ) from (@MotleyModels)

Marina-Visconti-Ariana_Grand Marina-Visconti Marina_Visconti-cleavage

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    1. SHe has contacted some people in the industry and told them she is ok and that she had some issues, but now there is no problem. Apparently she will comment publicly soon.

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