Ines Cudna on cam and Jana Defi resurfaces?

Jana Defi is also a married lady. I think I have found her. I came across this picture and I think it is no other thank Jana Defi, please let me know if you agree with me. If she is, I will try to get an exclusive interview with Jana.

The first one is the girl I found on the internet.


This is Jana Defi.. are they the same?


I got some news about Ines Cudna. I reported some time ago Ines Cudna was retired. However, she is doing occasional camshows. Ines is currently a lovely mom and is doing the camshows to earn extra money.

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More Ines Cudna

Ines_Cudna_busty Ines_CudnaInes_Cudna_lingerie


More Jana Defi



5 Replies to “Ines Cudna on cam and Jana Defi resurfaces?

      1. Agreed. I thought it was her from that photo too. Shame – Jana was so beautiful and we could do with her coming back!

    1. I know she is retired. You know, never say never, but maybe if the right offer comes she may do some topless. I am 99.99% sure nothing beyond that at this stage of her life.

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