commercial on youtube + Sha Rizel boy/girl simiulation

I have to share with you my video on youtube and some hot pictures of Sha Rizel. She even appears with a guy simulating a sex scene.

I know I suck at editing, but finally I got my video promoting the blog on youtube. There will be a vesion showing some titties on xvideos and other sites. The girl doing the voice over is a professional. The intention of uploading the video is to promote not only the blog, but the girls featured in it as well as the sites mentioned.

Who is your favorite Busty girl on the video?

Also I want to share some exclusive Sha Rizel photos. The first GIF is amazing! while the second is a from a sexy photoshoot with a guy.

Sha Rizel bounces her huge boobs to the camera

Sha Rizel Gif2

Lucky guy, don’t you think?


Another lucky guy!SgaRizelvk11
Shavk Shavk2 Shavk3 Shavk4 ShaVK5 ShaVk6
ShaVk8 ShaVk9 Shavk10



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