Antonella Khallo big boobs selfies

Antonella Kahllo, the undisputed winner of the 2013 BoobsRealm contest, is on a roll. She has been captivating the hearts and other parts of the body of thousands of fans around the world. Her fame has been increasing. It is not a surprise that I get messages from fans stunned by her exotic beauty and her HUGE boobs.

She is really kind and comes off nice while interacting with her fans.

If Ellen Degeneres posts a selfie and it becomes the selfie with most RT, I think Antonella’s should beat that. Her boobs are bigger than Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of celebrities combined… We the fans know an Antonella big tit selfie can crash our dicks!!

Follow her at @AntonellaKahllo

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And check her great professional photoshoots and videos on along with other busty superstars.

AntonellaKahlloselfie1 AntonellaKahlloselfie2 AntonellaKahlloselfie3 AntonellaKahlloselfie4 AntonellaKahlloselfie5 AntonellaKahlloselfie6 AntonellaKahlloselfie7

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