Remembering Wendi White aka Marketa

Remembering Wendi White aka Marketa

It was 2001 and this, then, 18 years old busty czech stole my heart. Her face was perfect and her boobs were the best for me at that time. . Her belly was not her best asset, but I could dismiss that. She retired some time ago. Rumors say that her then boyfriend found out about her porn carreer and beat her up. That is sad, cause no man has the rigth to punch a girl, no matter what she did. Anyway, she is one of those girls that made us dream and then vanished. For me, she joins the club of Jenna Doll, Candy Cole, Jennifer Gold, Anna (from bangbros fame), Britanny Taylor. These girls had a small carreer, just so few scenes that they are collection videos (candy Cole was just amateur softcore girl and the rumor says she is a school teacher in the UK). Fortunately for us, Scoreland has many of her videos and photoshoots. You know what they say, rmember is live again. So why don’t we check this Scoreland page and remember the old good times when Marketa was around and, why not, enjoy the other hot girls in their site (cause there are plenty).


Here I leave you with some pictures from her porn days:

marketa marketa2 marketa3 marketa4


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