Leanne Crow has big balloons

She is one of the current busty girls that make our hearts acelerate. She has arguable the best rack in the business. Leanne is a british gal who as of now has not shown anything besides topless pictures. Well she was totally naked on xx-cel but she was with her back to us. We got to see her butt; however, we all prayed for her to turn back. That hasn’t happened….yet. Maybe it won’t but dreaming (wet) is free. Maybe Scoreland or DDF.com has more on their vault ready to be released… I don’t know. lets wait and check their sites and come here daily.

Rumors were flying that she has retired and content released recently is old. Others say that she has been asked so much about crossing the like to hardcore porn, made her sick of the business. Truth is yet to be told. We wait respectfully with our panths down for her next videos and photoshoots.

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