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Interview with Katerina Hartlova aka Kathy Kozy

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  1. Timothy Smee says:

    Katerina Hartlova is the Girl Next Door

    1. Xenolan says:

      Dude, I want to buy your house!

  2. Angel Man says:

    you are amazing and awesome girl , did you have a peeing scene before or not ? if not , will you do pee scenes in future like czech pornstar Angel Wicky ? I love peeing scenes from Czech Models . Thank you

  3. Terrible interview says:

    Really, couldn’t ask her any normal questions? She clearly wasn’t into being asked about anal or facials and its funny you mention she’s a real girl but didn’t ask her as if she was

    1. ravenazrael says:

      Anal and facials is what people were more curious about. I am trying to have a second interview for the normal questions. SO stay tuned

  4. Mike says:

    Katrina is good. She’s honest and open. I never met her. But from her interviews she gives. It seems like a normal person. That I can relate too. This interview is the honest truth. That some ladies come in to make money. They fall on hard times. Or they’re attracted to the fame. Or they like the attention. Whatever it is. They enjoy making films while it last. As for us fans. It kinda kills our erection. When we here about a relationship(Boyfriend, Husband or a special someone). Some people like myself. Might appear to a loser or something like that. We can always hope. To be in a relationship with them. But for while the online friendship last. When there in the porn industry. We try to cherish it. Hope this sinks in too myself. And others too.

    1. JC says:

      We all have a fantasy to marry or have sex with one or most of these girls. It is part of the fantasy that some of them would not disclose whether they have a significant other or they have kids. Katerina is one of the girls I like the most. I speak for myself when saying that Katerina has been always respectful and very kind to me. she is one of those I would like to marry, but obviously that is a fantasy. She is married and has a baby. I wish them well.
      Also fans have to keep in mind that we only see a side of the performers. They portray characters. Some of them do not even enjoy the scenes they do, but have to pretend to be sexual to the yes of the fans.

  5. AngryRussian says:

    Love to blast this beautiful woman in the face with spunk!

  6. ab lincoln says:

    Doesn’t this bitch do Interracial ? She’d look good competing with Angela White in a real bitchy black cock suck competition against each other. Id pair them up with Slim Poke and Moe Johnson.

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