Interview with Katerina Hartlova aka Kathy Kozy

Katerina is one of the most beautiful girls that has ever appeared in a porn scene. Her incredible boobs and her really angelic face has capture the hearts, lusttfull minds and cocks of thousands of big boobs lovers around the world.

Katerina is one of the girls that inspired me to create my blog and there were 2 reasons (not the (o) (o) reasons you are thinking). First, I wanted to share with the world the most amazing busty girls in the world and second, I always wanted to have, at least, an online interview with them. This desire have became reallity after 4 years. Katerina agreed gently to take some of her time to answer some questions for my blog.
Before reading the interview I want to tell everybody that Katerina is a a lovely girl and a real girl. She does not pretend to be the busty sex machine some girls want to pretend to be. She is a normal girl that wants to evolve in life, sometimes makes mistakes and also has problems like everybody else.
Katerina (I no longer call her Hartlova, and you will know why after reading the interview) was born in 1985 from Chlumek, Czech Republic.  She has appeared in some sites as DDFbusty, scoreland xx-cel,mikesappartment, and many others. She appeared in just a few hardcore movies and some lezonly like Natural Wonders of the World 67. She has become a legend in the busty universe despite not having performed in many hardcore films.
In a personal note, She is one of my top 5 of all times and I would make a clon of her and marry her.

Currently Katerina works for the reputed czech agency and is doing hardcore scenes again. Wanna now more? Read the interview!

Katerina’s agency is She is a real beauty!
Raven_Azrael: Kathy, what is your bra size? when did your boobs started to grow?
Katerina: They started growing at about 13. I wished to have small boobs all my live, but now I am used to live with them
Raven_Azrael: When did you start doing porn? what age were you? how were you contacted?
Katerina: I think that I was 19 for some website for amateur photographers. One guy contacted. Before that I was doing only normal photos or acts. After few months I saw my photos everywhere and my family and friends did, too. Because of that I had many problems so I stopped everything related with porn and after few months I contacted my agent and now we are working without any problems. If I wouldn’t have him I would not be in this job.
Raven_Azrael: You didnt do many hardcore scenes… why? would we expect some hardcore in the future? Do you have a favorite scene? However I noticed you have worked for recently in mikesapartment. will we see more hardcore?
Katerina: I don´t want to make hardcore scenes, but in the future I have a big financial problem and this will be the reason I will do hardcore again. Now I am doing it sometimes, but only with my boyfriend. we bought a small house and we repaired it. After this I want to have a big family =)
Katerina naked outdoors

Raven_Azrael: We havent seen you do swallowing scenes or anal.. have you? for which companies? or do you dislike them? do you do them off the cameras?
Katerina: No, I hate anal.
Raven_Azrael: Do you have any anecdote from a video? maybe something funny or something that pissed you off?
Katerina: Sometimes funny things happened, but I have bad memory. Some photographers have funny translation to another language or names for genitals
Raven_Azrael: Do people often hear people say you have got one of the most pretty faces in porn? or your boobs? What do they tell you
Katerina: Some people say  that I have nice eyes or boobs, but I think that beauty is very individual.
Raven_Azrael: Do you get much attention on the street because of your boobs? Do you use them to get discounts at stores? haha or if a policeman stops you after passing a red light?
 Katerina: No, I don´t
Imagine seeing this angel in front of you
Raven_Azrael: What do you do when not modeling or shooting scenes? study, work?
Katerina: I have normal work for all the time, so I do this. I think that this is good for get some money for start, but no for normal work
I would like to hire Katerina!

Raven_Azrael: Oh before I forget to ask this… why so many name changes.. kathy Kozy, katerina Hartlova, snowik, etc.? Which one do you prefer?
Katerina: Kathy kozy was a name given by the guy who discoverd me, but I think that it is swearword. I don’t like Katerina Harlova, because it is similar like my real name so I like Katerina, Sweet Angel and other names that are not similar- one world is private life and another is the world of the business.
From her first S&M scene for her site

Raven_Azrael: Would you do webcam shows as other girls have been doing? for example myfreecameras, imlive, peekshows?
Katerina: No, I don´t like camshows. but I don´t know why =)
Raven_Azrael: What are your plans for the rest of the year and 2012?
Katerina: Now I have lot of work. I go to normal work, which is a part time job and sometimes do some photos. So maybe having some good job and a nice end of the year =)
She looks so adorable in this pic
Raven_Azrael: Which one would you prefer? spit, swallow or facial?
Katerina: Nothing =)
Raven_Azrael: Would you like to say something to your fans around the world?
Katerina: You look to some photos and videos and you see some girls. Some people think that it is nice art, some look at boobs or pussy because they feel alone, some of them think that she is whore, etc. But I am a normal girl. I have a normal work, love my boyfriend and have normal a live like you. Only difference is that I have the possibility to earn some money with my body, but I show things that not everybody shows.

HARDCORE PREVIEWS from her site clubKatrinSome more pictures of my platonic love 

And one of her few hardcore scenes:
From sexy employee. Would you give her the job? The cock slap at the end is amazing




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