All about Sha Rizel

I was stunned by this when I first saw herl, Sha Rizel. Her debuat pinupfiles made waves and sparked the fly. Thus, I decided to do my research, as I think a lady with such a great body must had been discovered in the past.The girl was discovered by Satoshi Kizu, the one who introduced Russian legend Yulia Nova. This man has a great taste regarding busy girls. Sha (who went by the name Sophie Nova…. do you see the Yulia Nova link?) was going to have her collection by Satoshi, but its release was delayed. I am not sure if she has some connection with mythical Yulia, but the tits are gorgeous and she has that young look. Only time will tell if she vanishes as Yulia, goes the busty Merilyn way and never do more than dildoing or follows the steps of other Euro Big Ones and go the boy/girl path.

I credit this blog for some of the info

She has modelled for Scoreland and pinupfiles as well as for and she may be doing work for other sites in the future. In this post you will find some exclusive pictures of Sha Rizel aka Ekaterina Sidorenko aka Sophie Nova. SO enjoy and wait for other posts related to her with photos from those known sites!


ShaRizelSopgieNova ShaRizelSopgieNova3 ShaRizelSopgieNova4 ShaRizelSopgieNova5 ShaRizelSopgieNova6 ShaRizelSophieNova Shavk Shavk2 Shavk4 ShaVK5 ShaVk6 ShaVk7 ShaVk8 ShaVk9 Shavk10


And seems Sha Rizel is kind of famous in Ukraine…

If someone speaks ukraine or russian. Please translate



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