Winter Pierzina new and some old pics

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  1. A guy says:

    Well thanks for the interview and pictures, I was wondering what happened to this girl. Didn’t know she had a kid so that makes sense why she disappeared off the face of the internet. She is super hot and I wish she would make some more videos but I can understand why she wouldn’t now. Thanks again for the updated info I will stop looking for new stuff from her now. Thanks!

  2. FAN says:


    You should join MFC I’d love to tip you and watch those titties live. I know you would make a ton of money being a MFC model. Some models make between 1000 – 30,000 + a month. You are already famous fro your huge sexy tits. Why not make a lot of money with them at the same time? Think about it and let us know. 😉

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