Interview with Winter Pierzina

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  1. Esta es una entrevista de lectura obligatoria para todos los fans de las busty amateurs. En mi opinión es uno de los posts más importantes de los últimos años en cuanto a tetas grandes amateur se refiere, muchísimas gracias por rescatarlo.


    1. ravenazrael says:

      Gracias. Esperemos con ansias un regreso de Winter. Aunque por lo visto solo nos provoca
      Thank you. We all hope eagerly her return; however, it seems she is just teasing us

  2. Zach says:

    Winter come out already!!! Your videos are just too awesome(and sexy, we need new videos :D, well the season Winter is coming up soon, so ya know, you should come out too 🙂

  3. stuart says:

    incredible to find miss winters finally. glad she is back to grace us with her beautiful body. her interview shows an intellect too. rare commodity

    1. ravenazrael says:

      She is gone again.

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